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No new posts How do I submit the documents required for the application process?  Admin 3646 2012/04/02
No new posts 15. How do I digitally sign a PDF document?  Admin 3776 2012/03/26
No new posts 12. Is it possible to use different formats for each lecture or should I choose one format and stick to it?  Admin 3184 2011/07/22
No new posts 09. the courses which have existed for less than two years may not be considered?  Admin 3154 2011/07/22
No new posts 08. Does the courseware have to be in English?  Admin 2916 2011/06/24
No new posts 07. If I give my material away openly, what happens if someone takes it and claims it as his/her own?  Admin 3331 2011/06/24
No new posts 06. Is there a minimum amount of materials I should produce at the end of the term?  Admin 3357 2011/06/24
No new posts 05. Is it OK to use existing OCW material?  Admin 3214 2011/06/24
No new posts 04. Are there any other assistance in the project?  Admin 2530 2011/06/24
No new posts 03. What kind of technical assistance is provided in this project?  Admin 2561 2011/06/24
No new posts 02. What kind of materials are constituted as Open Course Ware?  Admin 2853 2011/06/24
No new posts 01. What is OpenCourseWare? Can I get credits by studying it?  Admin 2651 2011/06/24
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