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Handong Global University (HGU) is a world-changing global university, educating honest and competent international leaders. We prepare international leaders through total education by combining moral and academic training geared for today's global and information era. Our goal is to educate honest global servants to serve communities, nations, and the world through their professionalism and ethics.

 Since its founding, Handong Global University has been actively involved in various international initiatives and foreign exchange student programmes in order to create a more global educational environment. In addition, Handong Global University has demonstrated a sincere effort at international development in various developing countries through various volunteer service projects. In light of such efforts, Handong Global University was chosen to be the Korean host of UNESCO-UNITWIN in 2007, and since then, 20 universities have partnered with Handong University.

To strengthen educational capacity building for sustainable development, UNESCO links universities through the University Twinning and Networking Programme, known as UNITWIN. Thus far, UNITWIN Network projects have proven useful in establishing new teaching programmes, generating new ideas through research and reflection, and facilitating the enrichment of existing university programmes while respecting cultural diversity.

Handong Global University became a member of UNAI (United Nations Academic Impact), which is a campaign that aligns institutions of higher education, scholarship, and research with the UN and with each other in order to address priority issues with which our world is faced. HGU is 1 of only 10 UNAI Hub Universities, which serves as global centers for capacity building in higher education system.

Handong Global Univeristy and the OECD signed on a Memorandum of Agreement to have an official internship programme. According to the agreement, Handong Global University sends interns to the OECD/ITN (Information Technology and Network Services) every year. The internship agreement with the OECD was the first of its kind for any university in Korea.

Global E³(Global Engineering Education Exchange) is an exchange programme at Handong for engineering students. With member universities in 18 countries, students at 80 universities have the opportunity to study abroad through the programme. Each year, Global E³ has approximately 200 to 250 participating students.
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